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Ningbo Jiatian Fashions Co.,Ltd is located in Xiangshan.It loca- ted in the middle of the golden coastline in the east .back towards Green mo- untains,The condition traffic and cimmunication are very convenient.Found China and foreign countries joint-stock Ningbo Jiatian fashionable dress Co.,ltd(Australia)。Coveringan area of 13,000 square meters,registered asset 500,000 dollar.Its total capital amounting to16,000,000RMB,thereinto w-orkshop investment 12,000,000RMB,equipment 4,000,000RMB.In the enterprise th-ere are predetermine sets of knitting machines.Our group has a team of admin-istrative,&technical personnet,management and technology,in the enterprise t-here are more than 300sets of knitting machines.The company has more than 400 employees.The company’s annual production of various kinds of knit chothes is 500,000,000 piece.The company base oneself upon’comity, cooperate, deal with concrete ma-tters relating to work, inaugurate’.Our company’s aim is "Quality Frist! Rep-utation Paramout!’ The company enjoys a good reputation in the international Market.We have our foothold in this modern time, looking back and forward, we have been devoting all of our zeal and enthus iasm into our cause. Being con-scientious and earnest with out the least relaxation,creating a first class brand and eastahlishing a noble style. Let Ningbo Jiatian towards the world.Board chairman concurrently general manager Zheng Jiatian with the whole staff members welcome new and old customers,visitings and cooperations with our sincerity.
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Add:No.483 Shanhe West Road,Economic Development Zone,Xiangshan County,Ningbo,Zhejiang,P.R.China
Tel:0086-574-65780999 Fax:0086-574-65780998
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